Packet Radio - One of the first "modern" digital modes, packet radio transmits data in groups or "packets" of 10s or 100s of bytes, which allows improved throughput and error control. Amateur radio operators have been exchanging packets of data, using the AX25 protocol since the 1970s, with transmission speeds of typically from 300 bps on the HF bands to 1200 and 9600 bps on VHF or UHF. Packet radio is still used today.

Cameron VK2CKP will demystify the world of packet radio in his presentation to The St George Amateur Radio Society gathering on Wednesday 2nd November 2016, commencing at 7.30 PM local time, in the clubs meeting rooms, Donnelly Park, Kyle Parade, Connells Point (near South Hurstville).

All members and visitors are most welcome to attend what should be a very interesting presentation, and have an opportunity to meet up with your fellow amateur radio operators over a cup of tea or coffee.