Several weeks ago the St. George Amateur Radio Society lost one of it's longest active members, Don Edwards VK2NV. Don was a very keen CW operator, encouraging other amateurs to get out their keys and get on the air with Morse.

In recognition of Don, the St. George Amateur Radio Society will be holding the "Don Edwards Memorial slow Morse contest" on the weekend of the 8th and 9th of May.

The contest will be in two sections, 80 metres on the Saturday evening and 40 metres on the Sunday afternoon. The contest is open to all VK Amateurs who can enter either or both sessions.

Many amateurs have rarely or never used Morse code since they passed their exam or never needed to learn Morse code for their licences. This contest is to encourage inexperienced or rusty operators to try their hand or fist at Morse.For this reason, the contest will be a "Slow Morse contest" with a speed limit of 10 words per minute, no keyboards or screens - all sent by hand and received by ear.

The contest also encourages those amateurs who never sat for or passed a Morse exam for their licence, so if you have been looking for an excuse to get out the Morse key then this is your opportunity.

Click Here for Contest Rules (Public viewable webpage)

Click Here to download PDF of the rules (NO LOGIN REQUIRED)


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